Significant Copper and Gold results from Rock Sampling

VANCOUVER, BC / May 26, 2020 / IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX.CN) (OTC PINK:IMIMF) (3MX.F)  (the “ Company ” or “ IMC “), is pleased to announce results from its on-going compilation of work from its recently acquired Thane Property (the “ Property “) located in north-central British Columbia. IMC began an extensive compilation and synthesis of available data from the Property, which includes 359 rock samples collected by CME Consultants Inc. (“ CME “), 1,098 rock samples collected by Thane Minerals Inc. (“ TMI “), and soil sampling and Induced Polarization (“ IP “) surveys completed by TMI.

Work on the Property has identified six areas of significant gold ± copper ± silver mineralization. The results from IMC’s compilation work presented in this news release are for the Gail and Cirque Areas. The Company in a May 19, 2020 press release presented the Cathedral Area results. As compilation continues, the Company will disclose results from the CJL, Lake, and Mat Areas of the Property.

Gail Area

The Phelps Dodge Corporation (“PDC”) sampled the Gail Area in 2000 prior to involvement of CME and TMI. Grab samples from within the Gail Area by PDG identified numerous anomalous copper and gold values, including grab samples of up to 4.49% Cu and 6.48 g/t Au.

The Gail Area was visited in 2012 by TMI for a 10-day prospecting program in which 295 rock samples were collected. Prospecting by TMI at Gail was limited to the central region, and did not evaluate zones previously sampled by PDG. To the west of TMI’s work PDG grab samples returned significant assay results, including a grab sample of 4.49% Cu, 0.12 g/t Au, and to the north-west, 6.86% Cu, 1.05 g/t Au.

Of the 295 rock samples collected by TMI in 2012, 140 returned assays greater than 0.1% Cu while a total of 32 samples returned greater than 1.0% Cu, to a maximum value of 7.69% Cu. A total of 34 samples returned assays greater than 0.1 g/t Au, with 8 samples greater than 1.0 g/t Au. Anomalous gold and silver values are invariably associated with anomalous copper values but the converse does not appear true for this Area. Selected rock sample results from TMI’s work at the Gail Area showing are presented in Table 1. Figures illustrating sample locations for the Gail Area will be made available on the Company’s website.

Table 1: Selected rock sample results, Gail Area

Sample Sample Type Cu (%) Au (g/t) Ag (g/t)
1438 Float 2.05 0.04 15.0
1440 Float 1.91 0.25 15.4
1443 Float 4.78 2.01 28.0
1444 Float 1.43 0.01 1.1
1448 Outcrop 1.71 0.04 17.5
1450 Outcrop 2.01 0.09 18.5
1455 Float 2.19 0.71 20.7
1456 Outcrop 1.42 0.40 8.5
1474 Outcrop 4.19 1.46 13.3
1485 Sub-Outcrop 1.19 0.18 10.9
1487 Outcrop 1.19 0.02 9.1
1512 Float 1.53 0.22 7.0
1517 Float 2.10 0.57 8.4
1529 Float 1.61 1.72 10.1
1531 Sub-Outcrop 7.69 1.26 65.2
1537 Float 1.09 0.13 12.6
1538 Sub-Outcrop 4.05 0.09 22.6
1556 Outcrop 1.53 0.07 14.6
1578 Float 1.69 0.14 34.0
1639 Outcrop 1.39 0.11 7.9
1651 Outcrop 2.46 0.66 11.8
1667 Float 1.84 0.03 15.5
1668 Outcrop 6.88 3.68 27.9
1679 Float 1.05 0.10 7.5
1680 Float 1.45 0.34 8.1
1682 Float 5.62 2.16 40.3
1688 Float 2.11 0.00 1.7
1698 Float 1.40 0.00 2.6
1699 Float 2.29 0.01 6.1
1707 Float 1.21 0.08 12.9
1725 Outcrop 1.60 0.01 4.1
1740 Float 1.13 0.01 90.6


A geological model for the Gail Area has not yet been established. The Gail Area lies wholly within the rocks of the Hogem Plutonic Suite. The lithologies are dominated by granodiorite and quartz monzonite. Quartz diorite, diorite, monzonite and feldspar breccia are also present along with minor occurrences of volcanic and rhyolite/dacite dykes. Mineralization primarily occurs as disseminations of chalcopyrite.

Cirque Area

At the Cirque Area, a visit by CME in 2010 found anomalous malachite and azurite staining on the eastern facing cirque. Other than a single day visit to the eastern part of this area, there has been no follow-up since the initial discovery. The lithology of the area consists of coarse-grained, leucocratic, equigranular diorite consisting of 60% plagioclase feldspar (2 to 4 millimeters), 30% hornblende and 10% magnetite. Enclaves of up to 90% magnetite, approximately 10 centimeters in diameter, with 10% epidote are found within nearby angular boulders.

The main Cirque showing is located 2.5 kilometers west of the Gail showing. The azurite and malachite form a 1-millimeter layer that covers the face of the cliff and was formed from leaching of chalcopyrite rich rocks higher in the cliff. A similar, approximately 15 meters wide, secondary copper oxide alteration zone occurs 50 meters south of the main showing. No samples have been collected from this southern showing. The mineralization found within this area is structurally controlled, with a series of narrow sub-parallel sulphide veins.

A one-day traverse was undertaken at the Cirque Area in 2012 by TMI. The 2012 sampling was limited to the eastern region of the Cirque Area in the vicinity of the historical 2.85% Cu sample taken by CME in 2010. Of the 8 samples collected, two returned greater than 1% Cu. The host rock is principally medium to fine-grained granodiorite. Mineralization differs from the main showing of the Cirque, as chalcopyrite was found to occur as disseminations throughout the fine-grained granodiorite. Figures illustrating sample locations for the Cirque Area will be made available on the Company’s website.

Table 2: Selected rock sample results, Cirque Area

Sample Sample Type Cu (%) Au (g/t) Ag (g/t) Year
1463 Outcrop 0.18 0.02 0.7 2012
1465 Float 0.35 0.51 6.2 2012
86361 Float 0.24 0.16 0.7 2010
86362 Float 0.40 0.05 1.4 2010
86364 Float 2.85 0.27 8.6 2010
86437 Float 0.19 0.15 12.2 2010
92338 Sub-Outcrop 0.13 0.01 0.1 2010
92340 Float 0.18 0.04 0.2 2010
92342 Outcrop 1.23 0.15 5.5 2010


“The focus for IMC this summer is the Cathedral Area as we prepare for a drill program,” stated Brian Thurston, Chief Executive Officer and President of IMC. “However, the substantial copper and gold values observed within the Gail and Cirque Areas call for additional exploration and only highlights the potential for discovery on our underexplored, 206 square kilometer Property.”

The scientific and technical information disclosed in this news release was reviewed, verified and approved by Christopher O. Naas, P. Geo., of CME who is a “Qualified Person” as defined in NI 43-101. Mr. Naas is a shareholder of the Company and owner of CME.



Brian Thurston
Chief Executive Officer and President



IMC is a junior exploration and development company focused on creating shareholder value through the advancements of its current assets that include the Thane Property in north-central British Columbia, and the Bullard Pass Property in Arizona. Utilizing its heavily experienced management team, IMC continues to source and evaluate assets to further generate shareholder value.

The Thane property covers approximately 206km 2  (50,904 acres) and is located in the Quesnel Terrane of north-central British Columbia. The northern part of the Quesnel Terrane extends from south of the Mt. Milligan Mine northward to the Kemess Mine, with the Thane property located midway between these two copper-gold porphyry deposits. The Thane property includes several highly prospective mineralized areas identified to date, including the ‘Cathedral Area’ on which the Company’s exploration is currently focused.

The Bullard Pass Property is comprised of 171 unpatented federal lode claims totaling 3,420 acres and is located in west-central Arizona, northwest of Phoenix, within the Pierce Mining District of Yavapai County. The property has a regional setting typical of detachment fault gold deposits and has geological, mining and metallurgical similarities to the Mesquite Mine in California. The claims are 100% owned by IMC International Mining Corp.


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